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エクステリア&ガーデン No.33

PS: PMP candidates need to have project management experience, and the number of hours of project management experience, refers to the project related experience, such as participation in project research and development, testing, delivery, operation and maintenance, technical support, pre-sales, etc. This project experience is also an international general concept, everything is a project, any work you do can be planned as a project.

PMP Application Qualification Review

PMI conducts a random review of registration eligibility for the PMP exam[https://www.spotodumps.com/p/spoto-pmi-approved-pmp-training-35-pdu.html] to ensure that applicants have the necessary essential requirements to obtain PMP certification. The purpose of the review is to strengthen the credibility of the certification and the certifier.

The review process is random. Only a certain percentage of applications are automatically spot checked by PMI's computer system. The chance of being spot-checked is around 10%.

According to the information published on the official website, the PMP exam registration is generally selected for review, and the materials required to submit are as follows:

1. Submit the Proof of Experience Form

2. Record 35 hours of project management related education

3. Record the academic qualifications of the educational background (including bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree only)

Whether the PMP test is linked to academic qualifications - [no anchor text]

PMP certificate is not linked to academic qualifications, regardless of whether there is a degree, you can apply for PMP. However, it is necessary to have a certain number of years of project management experience and project management training experience of more than 35 hours (i.e. PDU) covering 10 major knowledge areas in the project management knowledge system.



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