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エクステリア&ガーデン No.25

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Example 2. The project manager reviewed the various project documents and created a list of risks that could affect the project and their characteristics. Which document will this process produce?

A. Risk register

B. Risk management plan

C. Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS)

Risk impact assessment

This question is relatively simple, which is basically the concept of risk.

Analysis: Answer A. This question identifies risk outputs — risk registers. Risk is an uncertain event that has a negative or positive impact on a project, and the risk list and risk-related characteristics are recorded in the risk register.

So let's look at another question:

Example 3. When assessing an urgent issue identified by the project sponsor, a subject matter expert (SME) determines that the issue has little impact on the project's deliverables, what should the project manager do first?

A. Make a change request

B. Use of Delphi technology

C. Update the project management plan

D. Update the problem log

This question is also relatively simple, and the problem has already been mentioned in the title.

Resolution: Answer D. This question guides and manages project work outputs—problem logs. A problem is identified in the project and should be updated to the problem log before a resolution is sought.

Today's article is not so difficult and difficult, mainly to help you understand the difference and connection between problems and risks, but also to inform everyone, if there is not quite understand, or more ambiguous words, you can check the glossary to clarify.



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