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エクステリア&ガーデン No.34

I have long been working in the field of IT. I have heard about that my colleagues obtained PMP certificates with 5A result. I have searched on the internet to find out the reasons for them to take the PMI PMP exam. After collecting the information, I decided to take the exam, as well.


The pandemic has disrupted people’s life. Changes more or less happen to people’s life. Suddenly, I had much spare time so that I could do the things I wanted to do including taking the PMP certification exam.


I have been working in the state-owned enterprises in the past several years. I have been in the post of project management and taken project management relevant certification exams. I used to think that I was professional However, once I communicated with the business center of SNPTC, I discovered that the project management philosophy and thinking mode of them are different from my knowledge system. Then, I knew that they have signed up for the PMP exam and all acquired the certificates. Therefore, the whole department of the enterprise is more integrated, which improves their coordinated ability and working efficiency. I was impressed. This is also one of the reasons for me to take PMP exam prep [like this one]. I realized that improving efficiency can be realized by learning PMP.



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